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20 Nov

What makes Adonai Guesthouses Standout?

Being the capital of the Pearl of Africa, Kampala offers plenty of accommodations facilities that include hotels, guesthouses like Adonai and lodges among others. But in this large pool of accommodation facilities, Adonai Guesthouses stand out for their uniqueness and the quality of service that comes with everything they have to offer.

Easy to book: With the emergence of the digital age, Adonai Guesthouses have not been left out and have since been listed on multiple online booking platforms including but not limited to Airbnb, TripAdvisor, East African giant Neza Reservations among many others through which you can make a booking.

The guesthouses also have active social media pages on Facebook & Instagram through which one can make inquiries and bookings for their stay at Adonai Guesthouse Muyenga & Adonai Guesthouse Rubaga respectively. Our response is timely on all these platforms. You can also book through our reservations email; adonai.house1@gmail.com

Refurbished: If you’re a loyal Adonai Guesthouse customer and have been to the respective facilities in Muyenga and in Rubaga in the last 5months or so, you’ve probably noticed a couple of refurbishments that have all been made to improve the quality of your stay with us. And if you have never been to Adonai Guesthouses, now is the time to put us on top of your shortlist of bed and breakfast spots in Kampala that will offer you the best accommodation facilities at cost-friendly rates.

At Adonai Guesthouse Rubaga

Breakfast and flexible menus: Oftentimes, bed and breakfast spots across the capital don’t give their guests the luxury to choose what they will have for breakfast but rather offer them whatever they have planned for the day. Well, that’s not the case at our facilities. You as a guest, the customer have the luxury to make special requests for your breakfast.

Breakfast at Adonai Guesthouses

And when it comes to our in-house restaurant, the menus are as flexible as you wish to have them. And if you’re not sure of what to have, don’t hesitate to ask our chefs to surprise you with a thrilling and mouthwatering meal. Mind you our lunch, dinner, fresh juice and any over beverages come at cost-friendly prices.

Personal service: if you’ve been to hotels and other accommodation facilities, you may have noticed a lack or limited provision of personal services. At Adonai Guesthouses, that’s our expertise and maximize your experience, there’s always someone at the front desk to tend to your needs.  

Our staff will be happy to serve you

Loyalty packages: Once you become a loyal customer at our guesthouses, be sure that won’t go unnoticed. We off discounts, special offers and packages and sometimes access to our most exclusive rooms to our most loyal customers.

That is all capped off with free ample parking space and security for you and your property while at the facilities. So don’t hesitate to give us a call on +256772909355 or email us to adonai.house1@gmail.com for bookings and inquiries. #ChooseAdonai #VisitAdonai

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