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Guests enjoying their stay at Adonai Guesthouse Muyenga
15 Aug

Reasons to choose guesthouse accommodation over hotels

With multiple accommodation options to choose from in Kampala and beyond, we highlight reasons why we believe you would be better off staying at a B&B spot like Adonai Guesthouse. Whether it’s your first time in Kampala or a native from up-country and you’re traveling to the capital for a workshop, conference or business engagement, we strongly recommend that you opt for a bed and breakfast spot.

Inside a single deluxe room
Inside a single deluxe room

1. Less sharing

The hotel pool might be larger in size, but you’ll most likely have to share it with several kids of different sizes. The same goes for the breakfast hall, hotel lobby and the passage way. As guest houses are usually smaller in size, you’ll find that sharing will be less of a concern. And if you’re traveling in a group or family, then Adonai Guesthouse will have you covered. Imagine having the whole house completely to yourself. Nonetheless, it’s also important to note that few guesthouses have swimming pools.

2. More affordable

On average, Hotel accommodation is pricier compared to guest houses around Kampala. By cutting back on accommodation cost leaves you with more to spend on a number of attractions that Kampala and Uganda at large have to offer. 

 3. Personal touch

Guest Houses are smaller in size and therefor staff is able to give guests individual attention and make recommendations that are customised to the guest preferences. Not just a stack of marketing brochures on the front desk or fliers that you make find on you room bedside stool.

It's free breakfast
Chef Francis preparing breakfast for guests

4. Offers you more

Just because it is more affordable doesn’t mean sacrificing in comfort. You’ll find that guest house rooms are usually larger in size. In other words, you’ll be paying less for more.

5. Less formal

If you are looking for a place where you’ll feel right at home then guest house accommodation is definitely the way to go. The setup is more personal and family friendly, whereas hotels are usually more commercialized and formal.  You also need not worry about your kids running around and making a noise—the more reason for you to choose Adonai Guesthouses for your accommodation.

6. Less rules

Understandably hotels must have plenty of rules to keep order, whereas guest house accommodation is all about making you feel at home. So go ahead… jump in the pool. Just make the right decision, you can as well between Adonai Guesthouse Muyenga or Rubaga.

Guests at Adonai Guesthouse Muyenga

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